Montana Innocence Project (MTIP) Education Programs

One of MTIP’s primary goals is to educate attorneys, legislators, and the public about wrongful convictions and improve the criminal justice system. MTIP has enacted a series of programs designed to further that education. If you are interested in learning more about any of these programs, please contact MTIP’s Executive Director at or 243-6698.

Continuing Legal Education Events

MTIP hosts CLE events throughout the year at the University of Montana Alexander Blewett III School of Law. Recently, MTIP has sponsored CLE events featuring Judge Michael Heavey, founder of Judges for Justice; defense attorney Dean Strang of “Making a Murderer”; and seminars on wrongful convictions, Brady v. Maryland violations, mistaken eyewitness evidence, and others.

Testimony to State Legislature

MTIP staff members and exonerees provide expert testimony to interim committees and legislative committees of the Montana State legislature on such topics as law enforcement practices, DNA preservation, and capital punishment.

Guest Speaking

MTIP staff regularly appear as guest speakers in front of such groups as local bar associations, the Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, state and tribal public defender offices, and community/civic groups across the state.

Lunch With the Lawyers

As a fundraiser for MTIP, we can arrange a lunch with MTIP’s entertaining and knowledgeable legal staff to discuss wrongful convictions and hear more about this issue in Montana.

Film Series

MTIP sponsors a film series about the various issues surrounding wrongful convictions. The films are shown at the Missoula Public Library and are open to the public.

Criminal Justice Curriculum

The MTIP Legal Director teaches a Criminal Adjudication course at the University of Montana, as well as an undergrad Wrongful Conviction course. Pre-law students who major in such fields as criminology, sociology, journalism, forensic science, and other disciplines typically take these courses. Many of these students go on to volunteer at MTIP.