Meet Our New Legal Director: Larry Mansch



We are THRILLED to announce we've made our very own Larry Mansch, Legal Director here at the Montana Innocence Project! Larry has been with the project in some capacity since its inception and we are so happy to now have him as our leader on all things legal. Take some time and learn a little more about the man who will continue to spend his days fighting for the innocent and helping to prevent wrongful convictions across the state of Montana.

Larry got his undergraduate dregree in 1980 with a B.A. in Political Science from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. He was quite the athlete earning six Varsity letters between baseball and basketball. After his time at Hamline, Larry moved to Omaha, NE and attended Creighton University's School of Law graduating in 1983. 

In 1985, Larry moved to Missoula and was one of the original Public Defenders in the county which had the first full-time PD office in the state. He continued with the Public Defender's office for 13 years and then was in private practice for seven more years - he always remained focused on criminal defense.

Larry also used his legal experience while in the Montana National Guard serving 20 years as Judge Advocate General. He served as the Regional Defense Services Coordinator, representing soldiers who were in trouble and needed legal counsel. He retired as Lt. Colonel. 

Larry's wife Kim is Executive Director of Partnership Health Center in Missoula and together they have four accomplished children - all have gone to college and all were athletes while studying at their respective universities.  The Manschs like to travel and they've made it a goal as a family to visit as many National Parks as they can. In his own spare time, Larry enjoys writing and is currently working on his fifth book.

Larry started his work with MTIP as a part-time attorney when the project was just getting underway. Larry says there is no question there are innocent people in prison and he sees how challenging the work is to try to exonerate these innocent people, but he is absolutely committed to doing just that. According to Larry, working with the law students who intern and volunteer with us is the most enjoyable part of his job. He finds their dedication to our cause and their attachment to the cases they work on with us incredibly inspiring. 

In his own words....

Sometimes a quote is so perfect, it doesn't need tweaking - Larry has a knack for this so we're going to leave our readers with a quote from Larry about where he sees MTIP heading in the near future. We couldn't be happier to have him on board and we cannot wait to continue the fight to free the innocent having him behind the wheel.

"I hope that in the future MTIP will continue on its path of growth and dedication. We hope and believe that the citizens of our community and our state will acknowledge the important work that we are undertaking, and support us. We all look forward to the day when an innocent man or woman walks out of prison and returns to a life of freedom. That is the goal that we have set, and that is the vision that drives us. We will get it done.  We believe that we are on the verge of great success. Freeing innocent people from prison - there can be no higher call for a lawyer."

-Larry Mansch