Meet Our Volunteers: Mackenzie


Mackenzie is our only volunteer in high school and we couldn't be happier to have her on our team! She is currently attending Hellgate High School and will be graduating this spring. She plans to attend MSU in fall 2015 where she is anticipating entering into a path of sociology or criminology.

Mackenzie is an outdoor enthusiast and particularly loves hiking, camping, skiing and everything under the sun. She abides by the old rule that an "apple a day keeps the doctor away", but that’s only because they’re her favorite food. She loves to travel and one day says she will see the world. She has one sister, two dogs and a love for gymnastics.

She came to MTIP as a volunteer in June and has been an absolute life saver when it comes to the administration and communication departments for the organization. Mackenzie feels that the mission of MTIP is important, because she is committed to justice for the innocent.

We adore having her here with us every week. She brings a young and active energy to our organization that we are extremely grateful for. Please join us in thanking Mackenzie for her selfless contribution to MTIP!