MTIP client and volunteer, Richard Raugust, releases first book!


Fishers of Trout and Men: Protectors of the Realm is a collection of poems written by former MTIP client Richard Raugust, honoring the struggle of soldiers. Richard, an ex-infantry soldier serving in the U.S. Army from 1984-1986, calls his book a “spirit-inspired tool designed to thwart and tamper with the monster we call suicide in our military and civilian populations; enliven, excite, incite, and instill sparks of divinity where needed, while also being subliminally entertaining at creek level.” Fishers of Trout and Men: Protectors of the Realm is available on Amazon.

After 18 years in prison, Richard was released in December 2015. In 1998, he was convicted for the murder of his best friend, Joseph Tash. In 2015, District Court Judge James Wheelis reversed Richard's conviction on the grounds that Richard's constitutional rights were violated when eyewitness testimony was withheld from his defense at the time of trial. This eyewitness testimony confirmed Richard's alibi for the night in question. The testimony raised serious doubt about whether Richard would have been convicted if this information was available to the jury those 18 years ago. Judge Wheelis ordered a new trial and released Richard on his own recognizance.


When he is not busy writing poetry,, Richard volunteers at the Montana Innocence Project where he investigates cases in which other individuals may have been wrongfully convicted.

Thank you for investing in the work of the Montana Innocence Project. Our clients, such as Richard, have so much to contribute to the world!