New Evidence Hearing for MTIP Client Richard Raugust



 (Attorney Brendan McQuillan, Richard Raugust, Attorney Brett Schandelson)

As 2014 was coming to a close, we at MTIP experienced a terrific step in the right direction for our innocent client, Richard Raugust. On December 17th, we began a two-day new evidence hearing in Thompson Falls to present the evidence we've collected over the years that points to Richard's innocence. 

We were so happy to see Richard there in the courtroom with us, to be able hug his family who traveled to be there, to speak with the media about his case, but most importantly, to be given the opportunity to share Richard's full story. Our belief in his innocence is absolutely steadfast and we are honored to represent him and fight against the injustice he has suffered far too long. 

Below you will find links to some of the stories that ran about the new evidence hearing. Many of them give a great overview of the case if you would like to know more about the background. We also wanted to include some photos we took while we were in Thompson Falls. Please keep Richard and his family in your thoughts. We will be updating our website as soon as we hear a ruling on whether Richard will be given a new trial based on the evidence we put forth at the hearing.

Read about and watch video coverage of the case:




MTIP Attorney Brendan MQuillan speaks with the Judge before calling a witness


Richard's mom listens to testimony at the hearing (Richard pictured in background)


Outside the courthouse preparing for TV interview


Richard with his family for the first time in 2 years


Pro Bono Attorney Brett Schandelson speaks with media outside the courthouse 


Richard and Tudy share a moment. Tudy was the Clerk of Court at Richard's trial that led to his conviction. She has maintained her belief in him and support of him these past 17 years. She believes he is innocent and came to both days of the hearing.