Oral Arguments Held Before the Supreme Court

Last week oral arguments were held in front of the MT Supreme Court in the case of one of MTIP's clients. This marked the first time a case undertaken by MTIP has gone to the State Supreme Court and much preparation was done on our part to get ready for the questions by the Justices. The case being argued could set precedent for many of our cases in the future and we patiently await the Court's decision. 

The case was argued for us by pro bono attorney, Colin Stephens and one of MTIP's very own student volunteers, Lars Phillips. Both gave cogent arguments for a complicated area of the law and answered each question posed with confidence and demonstrated legal knowledge. While we won't know the outcome for some time, we are so pleased with a job very well done by both Colin and Lars. We are especially pleased to say Lars even received accolades from a Justice once arguments were complete! Education is such an important part of our mission and we are so thrilled to be able to see one of our students have this real-world experience and truly incredible opportunity and do so well. 

We will keep you updated with the outcome of the arguments when we receive word from the court. 

 Lars_and_Colin_Sup_Court.jpgPictured above: University of Montana Law Student, Lars Phillips & MTIP Pro Bono Attorney Colin Stephens speak before MT Supreme Court Justices enter the room to hear oral arguments on behalf of a MTIP client


MTIP Law Clerk, Toby Cook & MTIP Legal Director, Larry Mansch attend oral arguments for MTIP client before the MT Supreme Court