State drops appeal in Raugust conviction

raugust-pic.jpgRichard Raugust is another step closer to justice after the state dropped its appeal challenging Raugust's overturned murder conviction.

Raugust was convicted of killing his best friend almost 20 years ago. He is a long-time client of the Montana Innocence Project (MTIP) and volunteers with the project in his spare time.

His sister, Mary Webster shared the news via social media. "One more huge hurdle overcome," Webster wrote. "We are so happy with the state's decision."

Raugust was released in December 2015 and has since published a book of poetry.

"We are excited that Richard is one step closer to seeing justice done," MTIP Executive Director Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson said . "Richard has had this shadow over his life for 18 years and we look forward to the day when he can be free from that darkness."

The case now sits with Saunders County Attorney Robert Zimmerman, who will have to decide whether to retry the case or file a motion to dismiss the charges.

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