Introducing Our Volunteer Coordinator

woody.jpgLet us introduce to a very important member of the Montana Innocence Project team; our Volunteer Coordinator Glen "Woody" Wood (pictured left holding the tail of Rooster Fish).

Woody has been volunteering with the Montana Innocence Project for two years and became our Volunteer Coordinator  about eight months ago.  He assigns initial prisoner correspondence to the investigator and supervises the review of the cases.  In addition, he interviews potential volunteers and provides training.   Also, he humorously replies, "I do other duties as assigned." And we assign Woody a lot! And he does it all with a smile and with cheerful competence.

Woody grew up in the Philadelphia suburb of Havertown.  He graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Business Management. He played soccer and his favorite sport, lacrosse, both in high school and college. His working career was quite varied and included sales manager, sales representative, and founding a desktop publishing/newspaper company.  Prior to retiring, the last 10 years of his working career he worked with his wife, Kathi, in her business, Role Player Associates, that provided role players for practical exercises at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, located in Brunswick, Georgia.  Woody says "We got along great, I had an office in our home and she at the training center.  I doubt our marriage would have survived if we worked in the same office."

After retirement and spending 27 years on the coast of Georgia, mostly St. Simons Island, they visited their son Gregg in Missoula in 2001 and fell in love with Montana and relocated here.  They have never regretted this decision, but admits to missing the meals of the fish and seafood they caught, particularly Kathi's scrumptious crab cakes.

Kathi and Woody have traveled extensively and have visited about 40 countries.  Volunteering as a host family for foreign participants with the joint ventures of the U.S. State Department and the Mansfield Center they have visited many of their acquaintances in South East Asia.  During a visit to Cambodia in 2014 they met five Cambodians that had done a home stay or were familiar with.

They also enjoy deep sea fishing and travel to Yelapa, Mexico once or twice during the winter to catch sailfish, mai mai, tuna, etc.

Woody has worked with numerous nonprofits since moving to Missoula.  Kathi and Woody received an award from the Mansfield Center "in recognition of their outstanding host family commitment."  Woody has also been very involved with the MOLLI program, which is a University of Montana continuing educational program for 50-plus people.  Woody and his wife Kathi were named the 2015 Peacemakers of the Year by the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center and Peace Quilters.

Woody is most honored to have received the Montana Innocence Project’s first annual "Spencer Veysey Award" in 2015 for outstanding volunteer of the year.